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Park's Pickers are our very own, home-grown gospel bluegrass band, first formed by the Reverend Sam Lamback and features members of our congregation as musicians and vocalists.

God has worked a delightful ministry at Park Memorial in gathering members of the church community who share a love of playing instruments and singing. In 2004, folks with guitars, mandolins, a banjo, stand up bass, an autoharp, a dobro guitar, harmonicas, as well as vocal gifts, discovered our common interest and formed the Park's Pickers.

Each member contributes their gifts literally in harmony to enhance our worship and reach out to churches, homes for the elderly, community events and, frankly, any occasion where somebody is willing to hear us. Our music is country, gospel, bluegrass, popular, whatever inspires us. You'll find us picking in Sunday morning worship, on the church lawn Sundays at 5:00pm (weather permitting), at our annual picnic, homecomings, festivals, and around the area when invited.

If you would like more information on how you, too, can join in this wonderful music -based program, or would like more information on booking Park's Pickers for an event, drop Sam an email listed below the sound clips... They'd be glad to hear from you!!

The starting line-up...

Instrument / Part
Ben Sandifer
guitar, bass, arrangements, promotions and super sound technician
Dona Gurley
vocals (our own Patsy Cline), music librarian
Eddie Jones
dobro guitar, vocals (superb tenor soloist)
Sam Lamback
banjo, mandolin and bass (when the other three bass players are all sick)
Stephanie Tyner
autoharp, vocals (also, church music director!)
Tim Kurtz
vocals and guitar (a rock star southern gospel specialist not quite world famous)
Christopher Kurtz
guitar and vocals
Jerry Stinchcomb
bass and vocals

Short sound clips from the Pickers!

Peace In The Valley

Sweet Beulahland

Teach Your Children

Wabash Cannonball

Just A Little Talk With Jesus

Sweet Dreams

One Day At A Time

Mississippi Squirrel Revival

How Long Has It Been

Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad

Sweet By And By

I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Click here to join or book the Park's Pickers!!!

Our Sunday Worship Service begins at 11:00 A.M.

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